Green Dragon Co-op plant trees by recycling second hand books.  Planting  trees from seed helps biodiversity, will reduce carbon dioxide and global warming as well as keeping the environment safe for future generations. Photo: Children tree climbing in woodland. Green Dragon started life in 2003 by recycling second-hand books to raise money for regenerating British woodland and hedgerows.

We are one of a new breed of ethical organisations that are working in a number of ways to help meet community needs, to protect and regenerate endangered habitat and to promote and finance projects that employ sustainable systems of land management. Combining the co-operative movements commitments to social responsibility with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Green Dragon help manage ancient Oak woodland. Heavy horses work in the woods.We build conservation tree nurseries from scratch, collect local seed and propagate trees to regenerate woodland and hedgerow habitat.

From small beginnings in 2003 we now have two nurseries in Devon that can produce up to 20,000 trees per year.


Books are sold in our webshop. All profits go into sustainable British woodland conservation projects.Badly damaged books are recycled into new paper or board, some are composted to feed our nursery trees and now we are also using some to grow woodland Oyster mushrooms – nothing is wasted!

We also sell a small range of top quality woodland and bushcraft hand tools at very competitive prices.