Orchids, wild flower meadow on the edge of Coldean Woods East Sussex. Photo Brink Pix.


We believe that by supporting projects that prioritise the protection of endangered habitat and woodland and promote sustainable ways of living, Green Dragon is ensuring that the benefits of our countryside and its wildlife will be there for today’s community and for future generations to enjoy.

Green Dragon promotes, as part of its Aims and Objectives, an educational resource to increasing the public's awareness of environmental issues and the concept of local sustainability in a global context.

To this end we have plans this year to pilot our "Trees From Seed" project. This is a community tree nursery scheme that helps local community groups, schools, conservationists etc, get a tree nursery going in their area.

We also have a scheme where we will donate books to other educational community projects. Contact us for details if your community project would benefit from this service or you have books you'd like to pass on.