Wild flowers growing along edges of Coldean Woods East Sussex. Photo Brink Pix.“In the British Isles since the last Ice Age, we have systematically eradicated wilderness in the bid to become civilized. We have cleared the wild woods and moved further away from the symbiotic relationship of the forest dweller. In our attempts to control nature, we have built large and powerful machines capable of cutting, lifting and debarking a tree in one mechanical process. Yet whenever we stop for a moment, She returns to reforest our striped lawns and uproot our highways. Her perseverance deserves our respect.” (Ben Law, The Woodland Way, 2001)

All profits from Green Dragon go to regenerating British woodland habitat and sustainable organic land projects. By tapping the waste resource of unwanted books we are able to put funds directly into projects that aim to protect biodiversity.

At present we are happy to be helping set up and support the Landmatters project, a 42 acre permaculture co-op in the West Country that includes some 20 acres of ancient woodland. The project is dedicated to protecting the local wildlife and habitat as well as regenerating the woodland.

At Green Dragon we believe that a system based on ethical co-operation is a strong healthy system that benefits all. Because of this we have not only adopted the co-op structure to run our organisation but we also advocate the use of Permaculture as a way to sustainably manage the land, and protect natural habitat and biodiversity.

Holly bud in woodland, Landmatters Co-op.“Permaculture (from the words, Permanent agriculture and permanent culture) is a successful approach to designing sustainable environments which have the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems, whilst also providing for the needs of the people who use them. It is based on the philosophy of co-operating with nature and caring for the earth and its people.”
(Permaculture Association - see links page)

All our projects are run without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms.

By reusing and recycling books to fund sustainable land projects and plant trees Green Dragon is minimising waste, maximising energy efficiency, helping to reduce emissions and clean the atmosphere, and actively regenerating natural habitat.

We are also pleased to say that we use renewable, clean burning, bio-diesel in our vehicles. (More Bio-diesel info in Links page)