The Green Dragon Woodlander
Off-Grid Toolbox

At Green Dragon we are happy to be able to offer our members a small selection of the very best quality off-grid tools at exceptionally low prices. Our toolbox contains a selection we consider to be the cornerstones of personal independence – whether that’s for everyday living or in exceptional extremes. Here you won’t find an endless list of consumer gadgets and gizmos but a short list of essentials – as recommended by ourselves (and some rather more famous faces from popular Bushcraft) If you are serious about sustainability and self-reliance, get yourself equipped, get the knowledge and develop your skills.

This page is currently under construction and will be modified over the next couple of weeks to include all our Toolbox items. Meanwhile please email us for all sales enquires.

We supply:

Axes. Handmade in Sweden. (Full range of sizes).
Hook Knives. Frosts Swedish carbon steel (double edged, large and small).
Clipper Bushcraft Knives. Frosts Swedish carbon steel with sheath.
Swedish Fire Steels (large 9mm Dia)
Hori-Hori. Japanese steel multi-purpose digging tool.
Billhooks. Handmade by A.Morris and Son. Top grade high carbon steel, full tang, beautiful
balance, ash handle. (pictured right:
From top to bottom - Spar Hook, Newton,billhooks
Knighton, Devon, Double edged and right
a straight sickle).
Whetstones. DC3 and DC4 Combination
diamond/ceramic stones from Fallkniven Sweden
Tinder Boxes.
Nato stock rope, cord and thread.

Gransfor Axe